A native of coastal Virginia, Matt began his career performing in stage plays, and ultimately shifted into acting in and making films.  He graduated from the Center for Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and the British-American Drama Academy at Oxford, UK.  After a slew of Off-Off Broadway shows in New York, and a couple of theatrical tours, he landed his first feature film lead in the 2004 indie thriller Among Brothers. The film was a festival hit and re-ignited the decade-old, real-life cold case on which the film was based.

A longtime fan of genre films, Matt began pursuing more feature film work in that realm, and has secured a consistent niche as an actor in indie horror, sci-fi, and action movies. Some of these films include Madison CountyDiary of a Serial Killer, The Poisoning, Few Options, Auteur, Airplane vs. Volcano, and Dam Sharks.

A few years ago, Matt began stepping behind the camera.  He produced and starred in the hit horror feature Contracted with frequent collaborator Eric England (Madison County).  Released domestically by IFC Films, Contracted hit number one on VOD rentals and Netflix streams in its first week of release on each respective platform. It had a subsequent theatrical release, and garnered a sequel for IFC, Contracted: Phase II, in which Matt returns in the lead role.

Since then, Matt has continued to make content under his company, Rubric Pictures. He directed, edited, and produced the feature film dramedy You or a Loved One, recently released by Indiecan Entertainment. He has also made a variety of short content for myriad platforms, and several short films including Play Violet For MeTail, and Feeding Time.

Additionally, he works as a freelance editor for television shows, for networks including CBS, Discovery, Pivot, and VH1.

Matt has roles in several upcoming feature films as well, including Bad, Bad Men, The Mind’s EyePsychopathsAll the Creatures Were Stirringand the recent festival hit Beyond the Gates.

He currently resides in California.



  1. You rocked in Contracted and Contracted: Phase 2. I expect to see more of your work in the not to distant future

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